We make our fabulous fudge on site using premium fudge ingredients from The Nutty Bavarian  (the rich and creamy texture is PR's trade secret though).   We offer over 15   different flavors with a minimum of 6 traditional flavors available at most times.  

... and speaking of The Nutty Bavarian...  We have added Roasted Cinnamon Glazed Nuts to our list of goodies.  Cashews, Almonds and Pecans are roasted right here at the Emporium so you know they are always fresh and delicious.

Victoria's Candies has been a small-batch producer of fine candies and confections since 1934.  Located in Hazelton, PA they are considered a "local" purveyor and we are pleased and proud to be working with them to bring fine chocolates to our customers.

We also make many of our own confections as well.  Our S'mores and dipped Oreo cookies have become another signature item for the Emporium. We also use our own fudge and dip in premium European chocolate for yet another taste treat.  Kids love our giant marshmallows dipped in fudge and/or chocolate and covered in sprinkles.  These are also a ship-able item for the holidays.

And we do ship... 

check out the "about us" page for additional details on fudge pricing and shipping.

Proudly serving GIFFORD'S FAMOUS ICE CREAM.  If you haven't yet tasted GIFFORD'S you will notice the difference between this creamy, high butter-fat premium ice cream and others.  Available seasonally, we offer 5-6 flavors for your enjoyment.